Name: Smush Date of Birth: 07/01/19 Gender: Male Colour: Blenheim Country: Australia Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Instagram Username: smushthecavalier ♥ This is Smush, his mama picked him because he was the skinniest lil baby out of his litter and wasn’t loved as much as the others because he did not have the Blenheim spot or the longest ears. He’s a spoilt puppy now at his [...]

Melody and Misty

Names: Melody & Misty Date of Birth: 17/04/2014 Genders: Female Country: Australia Colours: Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Instagram Username: melodyandmisty_cavaliers ♥ Melody is 4 years old and Misty is 1. Misty is the life of the party she just wants to play all day and get lots of cuddles. Melody is a more mature soul and is always sticking close to her mummy. Their [...]