So you have an Instagram profile for your Cavalier but they don’t have a website?

Would you like to have an online profile where you can direct people to learn more about your Cavalier?

Love The Cav is now opening up it’s blog to our community so you can post to it.  Yes, you can now feature your Cavalier permanently on our website!

We want to expand our community and help you to make new friends and provide you with an online presence for your Cavalier. We want to read and hear all about your cute Cavaliers!

Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for our Terms and Conditions.

What do you need to send us?

Simply fill in the form and attach one good quality photograph (landscape orientation) showing only your cute Cavalier (as a .jpg).

CLICK HERE to visit the contact form where you can type in the required information and upload your photograph so you can submit your Cavalier to our blog.

So you’ve submitted an email to us containing the required information and photograph, what next?

This is where we begin to create the blog post about your Cavalier. During busy periods this may take a few days.

When we have finished creating your page we will reply to your email confirming this. We will also send you the link to your page which will be something like;

In your web page we’ll also embed a link to your Instagram account so people can follow you and make new Cavalier friends.

Then we will also inform you on Instagram by tagging you in a post.


And finally, adding your new link to your Cavalier Instagram account

What you need to do next is add the new link we sent to you via email to your Cavalier Instagram profile bio.

How to add your new link to Instagram;

  • Highlight and copy the link we sent to you in our confirmation email
  • Open Instagram and head over to your Cavalier profile
  • Click ‘Edit Profile’ (Positioned below your followers and following)

Edit Profile in Instagram

  • In the box where it says ‘Website’ paste the link into there

Save To Website in Instagram

  • Click the tick or save and head back to your profile.

That’s all you have to do, and now you have a new web page for your Cavalier.

Why not share the link and make new friends!

** Please note your name and email address will NOT appear on the blog post **

CLICK HERE to visit the contact form where you can submit your Cavalier guest blog post.

CLICK HERE if you would like to view other guest posts from our Cavalier community.

Terms & Conditions

  • The person who submits the guest blog post must either co-own or own the submitted Instagram profile.
  • Only one blog post per Instagram account.
  • You’re unable to include any affiliate links or product promotions.
  • We are unable to link to any Instagram profile that would be deemed as either offensive or inappropriate to our community.
  • No inappropriate language.
  • Love The Cav does not accept any responsibility for the content displayed on any externally linked to Instagram profiles.