Names: Beckley & Oscar

Date of Births: 01/01/17 (Beckley) & 5/22/17 (Oscar)

Genders: Male

Colours: Blenheim (Beckley) & Tri-color (Oscar)

Country: USA

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Instagram Username: beckley_n_oscar

We’re Beckley & Oscar from Hawaii.

Beckley is older by 5 months and is the alpha. He needs to get to know you to well before being your friend.

On the other hand we have Oscar who will be friends with everyone he meets.

We both have one thing in common which is that we enjoy the beach. Swimming didn’t come naturally, we had to take it slow, but now we are experts.

We eat Stellas and Chewy freeze dried food and love the homemade jerky our parents make for us.

Nice to meet you all and Aloha.

Beckley & Oscar

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