Do you own the social media content shared on your website?2019-02-27T22:45:57+00:00

No, we don’t own any of the photographs or videos shared on our website from our Facebook or Instagram accounts unless otherwise stated.

How can I send Love The Cav a picture or video of my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?2019-02-27T22:15:05+00:00

You can post a picture to our Facebook wall, tag us or use the #lovethecav hashtag on Instagram or you can contact us using the Contact Form.

Can I submit a guest post to your blog?2019-02-27T23:05:50+00:00

Yes, we’d love to add your post to the guest section of our blog.

Post guidelines;

  • A picture of your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
  • Between 500-2000 words describing your Cav.
  • If applicable your Instagram username.

Please contact us using the Contact Form.


I’m the owner of a photograph or video you have shared but I want it removed from your social media accounts?2019-02-27T23:05:43+00:00

That’s not a problem, please send us an email using the Contact Form describing what photograph or video it is and we will remove it.

What Cookies does your website store when I visit and use your website?2019-02-27T23:05:33+00:00

Please Click Here to see our Cookie Policy in full.