Helping Your Dog Beat Summer Heat

So the summer is here and it’s a great time for you and your dog to explore the world around you. But have you ever wondered how the sun could effect your pooch? In this post we look at dog care during summer time and we talk about helping your dog beat summer heat when you are out on your doggy walks! Signs of Heat [...]

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Why is My Dog Eating Grass?

Have you ever wondered, why is my dog eating grass? Is it bad for them? Are they ill? In this blog post we talk why your dog is eating grass or plants and is it such a bad thing? Why is My Dog Eating Grass All of a Sudden? Believe it or not, eating grass is a pretty normal thing for many dogs. Pica is [...]

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Top 10 Dog Walking Benefits

In this blog post we talk about our top 10 dog walking benefits and how it can have a positive effect on both you and your dog but also what could happen if you don't take your dog out on daily walkies. Why is Walking Your Dog so Important? Our Top 10 Dog Walking Benefits... 1.  Exercise For Your Dog Unfortunately, millions of dogs don’t [...]

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