Name: Smush Date of Birth: 07/01/19 Gender: Male Colour: Blenheim Country: Australia Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Instagram Username: smushthecavalier ♥ This is Smush, his mama picked him because he was the skinniest lil baby out of his litter and wasn’t loved as much as the others because he did not have the Blenheim spot or the longest ears. He’s a spoilt puppy now at his [...]


Name: Lexi Date of Birth: 04/03/2016 Gender: Female Colour: Benheim Country: U.K Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Instagram Username: lexithecavalier ♥ Hi, I’m Lexi from Staffordshire in the UK. My favourite place to visit is the beach! I’m either sleeping or running around with zoomies so there is no in between and you can often find me snuggled into my mums neck. My favourite food is [...]

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Name: Théo Date of Birth: 21/12/2016 Gender: Male Colour: Tri-colour Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Instagram Username: theo__thepumpink_king ♥ Théo is a very happy and funny dog. He loves to play with balls, destroy toys and eat a basket of biscuits. He is stubborn but he is very loving. He is the king of our home 👑. CLICK HERE to follow and make friends with Théo [...]

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Barking Heads Dog Food Review

Are you looking for a healthier dog food alternative to feed your dog? In this Barking Heads dog food review we are going to look at the products we purchased, their service and much more! So we decided to go ahead and buy some of their dog food products online and to see what they were like for our family Cavalier named Lilly. We [...]


Name: Marley Date of Birth: 20/10/2017 Gender: Male Colour: Ruby Country: UK Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Instagram Username: marleythekingcharles ♥ Hey guys, I'm Marley, I love chicken, snuggling up, lying in the sun and stealing stuff, especially tissues and pants. Guard dog by day, patrolling in case of birds, squirrels, cats and that bad fox! By night I'm a sleepy snuggle machine, love my fluffy [...]

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Jack The Cavvv

Name: Jack Date of Birth: 10/14/2016 Gender: Male Color: Tri-color Country: USA Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Instagram Username: jack_the_cavvv ♥ Hi my name is Jack. I’m a very talkative Florida boy. I love long walks at the park, snuggles with my humans and giving kisses. My favorite foods are chicken and anything peanut butter flavored. Mom says I’m pretty sassy sometimes, but it’s only because [...]

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Sammy The Cavy

Name: Sammy Date of Birth: 13/05/2015 Gender: Male Colour: Black and Tan Country: Belgium Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Instagram Username: sammy_the_cavy ♥ Hi, I’m Sammy and I live with my mom and dad in Belgium. I love to play with my toys and play fetch and I loooove food and all treats. I really don’t like being wet, so you won’t catch me swimming. When [...]


Name: Summer Date of Birth: 28/03/2016 Gender: Female Colour: Ruby Country: UK Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Instagram Username: a_cavalier_called_summer ♥ My name is Summer, I live in Northumberland with my two sisters Ruby and Tilly (I am leader of the pack of course). I’m my mummy’s shadow and love cuddles on her knee! I love agility and I'm super fast. I have even competed in [...]

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Beckley and Oscar

Names: Beckley & Oscar Date of Births: 01/01/17 (Beckley) & 5/22/17 (Oscar) Genders: Male Colours: Blenheim (Beckley) & Tri-color (Oscar) Country: USA Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Instagram Username: beckley_n_oscar ♥ We’re Beckley & Oscar from Hawaii. Beckley is older by 5 months and is the alpha. He needs to get to know you to well before being your friend. On the other hand we have [...]

Best Antique Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Figurines

Are you looking for antique Cavalier King Charles Spaniel figurines or ornaments? Whether you're looking to buy one as a gift or in remembrance of a loved Cavalier? These beautiful selected figurines and ornaments are just the job! There wasn't a huge selection to choose from of good quality if we're being honest. The only Cavalier colours they had available really were Tri-colour and Blenheim [...]

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